The delightful Aoife Stuart, Deputy Editor of Cosmopolitan Middle East recently interviewed me for the launch issue. In the interview, Aoife asks what the ten most common relationship dreams are, and what they actually mean.

Aoife’s questions reflect common misconceptions about the meaning of these dreams as it can be tempting to take the dream message too literally, rather than looking at the unconscious psychological patterns that the dreams actually reveal.

1. Falling or sinking
For a girl in a relationship, could this mean she is not getting support from her partner? For a single girl, could it be seen as a sign she’s craving some stability i.e. a committed relationship in her life?
No, falling dreams are most often about control issues and perceived failure in waking life. The girl may feel like she has set herself impossibly high standards and feels like a failure if she can’t achieve them. Rather than exploring mutual needs with her partner, she may try to over control the situation to ensure that nothing ever goes wrong. The message from the dream is to release herself from some of her responsibilities and take a more relaxed approach to her relationship. The falling that results from this will be the partners falling more deeply in love with each other.

2. Being naked
Could this be a sign that you have ‘overexposed’ yourself in your relationship i.e shared too much too soon?
Sometimes, but it is usually more about self expression. This dream is often experienced by people who are entering a new  relationship where they feel that they lack confidence in their own abilities. Clothes form a protective barrier that help you to conceal your true self when dealing with other people. The more you cover yourself up with a lover, however, the more difficult it is to display your unique identity. The message from the dream is that in intimate situations, the best way to truly express who you really are is just to open up and be your authentic self.

3. Bad or missing teeth
Could this signal an insecurity about your looks? i.e. you feel you’re not good looking enough for your partner? If you are single, perhaps it could signal a fear of being found unattractive?
No. Teeth are all about power and confidence. We all experience our teeth actually falling out when we lose our baby teeth as children. As a child, this can cause us to lose confidence and when we experience this powerlessness again in waking life, we often dream that our teeth are falling out. You show your teeth when you smile and when you bite, and so they often reflect how self assured and assertive you are feeling. The message from the dream is that confidence is the greatest aphrodisiac and the more confident you make yourself feel, the more attractive you will be to others.

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