Continuing on from Falling or Sinking, Being Naked, Bad or missing teeth, here are four more common relationship dreams and what they actually mean for the dreamer in waking life.

4. Being chased
Could this be a sign that you are feeling threatened in your relationship?
It could be, although it usually suggests that some activity in the dreamer’s waking life outside the relationship is affecting the relationship itself. We still term any activity that is meaningful for us in waking life as a pursuit. For example, pursuing a particular career path may be taking up a lot of the dreamer’s time and creating time pressure tensions in the relationship. The message from the dream is that whatever is chasing the dreamer is always some aspect of her own self and is actually bringing the dreamer’s attention to her own unrealised powers and talents in her own pursuit of fulfilment.

5. Failing a test
Could this is a sign that you are with the wrong guy? Or a projection of feelings of inadequacy?
No, this is all about the dreamer’s self-critical view of her own self. Dreaming of failing a test often indicates that the dreamer is critically examining her own performance in waking life. She has set herself some high standards she thinks she need to achieve in order to be truly appreciated by her lover. However, if she feels that she is not managing to live up to these standards, then she will feel as if she has failed in some way. The message from the dream is that she is judging herself too harshly and needs to accept and celebrate her own talents and attractiveness.

6. Missing a bus
Could this be a sign that you are in turmoil over a past lover or ‘the one that got away’ ?
No, this is more about taking action instead of just hanging around, waiting for perfection to arrive. Dreaming of missing a bus indicates you are becoming anxious that your plans are not bringing you the fulfilment in daily life that you hoped they would. The dreamer has probably set some sort of a timetable for achieving her relationship plans and is frustrated that things aren’t running to schedule as she hoped they would. The message from this dream is that she needs to take a more focused and active role in waking life, rather than just trying to appear busy and passively relying on others.

7. Being trapped
Could this be an indication that you feel trapped in your relationship?
No, it usually indicates that dreamer is afraid to take responsibility for her own freedom and actions. Although she may feel that she has lost some of her freedom to act independently in waking life, this can often be caused by her relying on her romantic partner to make her decisions and permit her actions. Being trapped  is also a very secure environment and so she may be locking herself away rather than taking the risk of venturing out into the unknown. The message from this dream is she needs to be more decisive and begin taking charge of her own life again.

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