Continuing on from Being Chased, Failing a Test, Missing a Bus, and Being Trapped, here are the real meanings of four more common relationship dreams.

8. Kissing or sleeping with someone else
What does this mean if you’re in a relationship? Does this mean you want to cheat? What if the person is a celebrity?
When you dream of kissing or sleeping with someone else there is some very valuable part of the dreamer’s own character that she has suddenly started to become more aware of. The person who the dreamer is kissing or sleeping with embodies a character trait that the dreamer finds very desirable, though usually not in a romantic way. The message from this dream is that she is  beginning to realise that she also has the potential to demonstrate this personal quality and finds this possibility to be very exciting. Dreaming about kissing and sleeping with a celebrity shows that the dreamer is becoming aware of an individual and powerful talent that she possesses and that other people are really beginning to take notice of her unique qualities.

9. Eating in a dream?
How could this be linked to your relationship? Does it indicate that you are satisfied by your partner?
Eating in a dream is usually a reflection of the dreamer’s sense of fulfilment in waking life. Food symbolises our ability to fulfil ourselves by satisfying our needs and giving us the energy to explore opportunities and make the most of them. The type of food being eaten in the dream indicates the dreamer’s appetite for romantic fulfilment in waking life. If the food is healthy and nutritious, then she is usually in a healthy relationship, whereas food that always leaves her hungry for more or is unsatisfying suggests that the dreamer is feeling unfulfilled in her relationship.

10. Getting dumped
If you dream your partner ends the relationship or cheats on you, does this indicate you are insecure in your relationship?
Dreaming that your partner is ending the relationship or cheating is usually triggered when the dreamer begins to lose faith in her own sexiness and attractiveness in waking life. Although it can be tempting to think that her partner has been spending intimate time with someone far more alluring, this dream often happens when the dreamer is feeling insecure in her own talents, rather than feeling insecure about the relationship or her own physical attractiveness. The message from the dream is that the more she believes in her own attractiveness, the more likely she is to continue to attract committed and enduring love from her partner.

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