BluewaterSome of the most popular dreams shared by women and teenagers take place in a shopping mall. The dreamers experience a variety of situations in the shopping centre, such as trying on clothes, looking for a specific item, not being able to pay for purchases and being disoriented and lost.

When we dream about clothes, we are reflecting on our identity and how we appear to others.If we are trying on clothes in the dream shopping mall, then this suggests that we are exploring our identity in waking life. It often also shows that we can make individual choices about who we want to be, and not to have to conform to the expectations of others.

If we are dreaming of trying to find the right item, then it often means that we feel there is something missing from our lives, and our lives will be made whole and meaningful by finding or possessing some special object. However, a common experience is that however much we obtain, it is never enough, and perhaps the object we are looking for so intently is usually our own sense of self. Often, a friend or intimate appears as a sales assistant in this dream, where they mirror their role in waking life of reflecting our true self.

When we dream about not being able to pay for a purchase, this suggests we have concerns about our self worth and how much others really value us in our waking lives. It may be that we are not really valuing ourselves, and are just giving ourselves away to others, with no recognition from them of our true value.

Being disoriented and lost in shopping mall usually means that we are finding it difficult to make choices about options and opportunities in waking life. We might feel overwhelmed by all the potential experiences open to us, and the result is that we remain rooted to the spot and don’t take advantage of any of them.