Dear Dr Wallace, Can you please tell me what my dream means – I dream of reversing the car and I can never stop in time before colliding with something. Thank you, Anthony.

Dream Meaning
When we dream about reversing a car that is difficult to slow down or stop, then we are concerned about some decision or commitment that we have made in our waking life. You would like to back out of these circumstances that you have found yourself in, but are concerned that it might be  difficult to extricate yourself.

Not being able to stop in time indicates that you feel that you are not in control of the situation and that reversing your decision is going to bring you into conflict with something or someone. Although you may feel that withdrawing is the best way to resolve this tension, the only way forward is to regain control by facing up to the challenge that lies in front of you.

Rather than abandoning your present position, try considering the areas where you you do have control. Some of these areas might not be obvious and may also require you to influence someone instead of trying to specifically control their behaviour. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from others. They can help you take charge of the situation and put you firmly back in the driver’s seat where you will have a clear view of the road ahead.