Hi Ian,
I dream that I am trying to cross a river. When I first see it in the distance, it seems to be a small trickle that I can easily step over but as I get closer and closer it seems to grow in size. By the time I am standing on the bank, it is a wide raging torrent, full of horrible dirty brown water. There is a rickety wire bridge crossing it but I don’t know if it will support my weight although I seem to remember crossing it once before.
Thanks, Jonathan

Dream Meaning
Dreaming about a river usually indicates that you are reflecting on your feelings and past experiences. Trying to cross the river shows that you are attempting to move beyond a particular emotional situation that you have been experiencing. When you view this situation in detachment from a distance, it seems that you will easily be able to step beyond it.

However, the more that you allow yourself to become involved in the situation, then the more dangerous it appears to become. It makes you feel horrible and you start to experience unhealthy emotions. You are concerned that you will just end up in an uncontrollable rage if you try to say what you really feel. The bridge represents your ability to come to terms with your feelings and the wire symbolises a particular way of communicating your thoughts.

You have used this method to express yourself before but you are unsure if it will be strong enough to give you all the support that you need in this particularly weighty situation. Rather than exposing yourself to more emotional trauma, trying to explore where these feelings spring from as it will be much easier to deal with them at their source.