Hi, I have a recurring theme running through dream. I never find what I’m looking for; it can be a street, a car park, and even a railway station. I can be running through a town looking for these – and never find them.

When we dream of running, we are thinking about how we can best use our individual talent to make progress in our lives. In waking life, running is the fastest, most self sufficient and personal mode of progression. Running in your dreams reflects your independent nature and shows that you have the energy and drive to make great progress in your waking life. However, never being able to find what you are looking for indicates shows that you are still unsure of your chosen goals in life.

The street, the car park and the railway station signify that you are searching for ways to make progress in your professional life. These places are all starting points for bigger journeys and you are considering the best ways to use your energies to realise your professional goals. Although you enjoy being active and busy in your work, you often feel that all this activity is not giving you the satisfaction you need.

What you are really looking for is your true vocation in life where you can do really meaningful work. You have the confidence and talent to do this, so stop running for a little while, stand back and decide what will be your dream job.