Russell invited me onto his Radio X show to explore some of the reasons around why we dream and what our dreams mean. We were having a great conversation, which the listeners were really enjoying, until Russell started to feel a bit threatened when I offered some well-researched and contemporary alternative perspectives to his cliched and out-of-date opinions about dreams.
Although Russell is usually keen to challenge authority, he seems to become quite insecure when his own authority on a subject is challenged. His insecurity manifests in ungracious behaviour and attention-seeking, and that’s exactly what happened in this conversation. When this happens, he also exhibits behaviours that he criticises in other people, such as the ‘casual objectification’, which he berated Mika Brzezinski and her co-hosts for, in the clip at the start of the video.
So when Russell went into meltdown and began casually objectifying me in an unkind manner, I just sat back, drank tea and let him seek attention. His lack of contemporary understanding about dreams and human consciousness also made me curious about how much substance there is to the other theories that he so extravagantly espouses.