Hi Ian, For a very long time I have been having the same dream and have searched high and low for a meaning, but have had no luck.  This is going to sound stupid but basically I keep having dreams about salmon?  Sometimes they are HUGE!! Sometimes they are dead floating in water. And other times I’ll jump of a cliff into water.
I you could help make any sense out of this I would be very, very, very grateful.

Dream Meaning
When we dream about water, we are always reflecting on the emotions and feelings that we experience in our waking lives. Salmon symbolise how we can purposefully and instinctively use our feelings to guide us to a place where we feel accomplished and at home. In your working life, you probably try to be as rational and objective as you can when you are dealing with new situations and are often required to focus on the facts of the matter rather than expressing how you feel about the circumstances.

However, the dead salmon indicate that you are throwing away the valuable information that your feelings are providing. Sometimes these are huge insights and ideas. Jumping off the cliff into the water shows that sometimes you just need to let go of your reliance on solid facts and use your instincts rather than your thoughts.

In our working lives we often find ourselves in turbulent and fast flowing environments. Everything seems to be changing around us and we either sink or swim. The only way to reach our chosen objective is to stop over analysing the situation and gracefully trust our instincts to navigate us to a successful outcome.