Hi Ian,
So I listened to you on radio 2 last night and if you have time, I had a dream last night that was really vivid and stayed with me:

I’m sitting with my family and I’ve been told I have cancer and will die next friday. My Gran is there (she died in 2005, on a Friday, from cancer and she was a huge part of my life) and my Aunty (Gran’s sister) and mam. I’m crying because I’m saying I don’t want to die, I’m too young and I’m scared because I don’t know what it’s going to be like. There is something they can do, Gran can swap with me and take the cancer but she refuses saying she can’t go through it again and she’s sorry. Then I woke up.

Thank you so much for reading this. I’m slightly scared of what it means, hope it’s nothing bad.

Dream Meaning

Dreams are not often literal, so when we dream about cancer we are usually being made aware of a situation that we feel may be growing out of control. An example of this might be an unhealthy side to a relationship, or an over commitment to something that takes up too much of our time, preventing healthy growth.

Death can be seen as transformation or change and as it is connected with your family, this would suggest a change of some familiar ways of being or habitual behaviors. By crying you are allowing your emotions to come to the surface and you show how challenging it feels to leave these familiar ways behind.

Dreaming of your Gran is not only loving and supportive but also seems to reflect your capacity and potential for growth, wisdom and maturity. Your Auntie and Mum being present as well, may suggest a strong feminine connection or influence relating to this situation.

Being told that you will die next Friday could be mirroring the imminence of this opportunity for change and may also be reflecting the process of loss and the necessity of letting go in order to move forward healthily, as you perhaps felt you needed to do around the time of losing your Gran.

This dream seems to be supporting you to bring an unhealthy situation into check and although this can feel scary, you can be reassured that you already possess all the support and wisdom you need to bring about a healthy change.