If you do get a chance to look at this thanks a million. I heard you on radio 2 and I was fascinated. I have had this dream every 2 to 4 weeks for the last year or so, but I’ve had it on and off since I left school. My dream starts with me starting back at my school, I am going back to sixth form, the oldest pupil in the school. I wear a uniform and dream of various aspects of school, usually including a public bus journey via a weird route there as I’m late and miss the regular school bus, and the canteen. I study for my A levels and then the exams spring up on me and I’m totally unprepared. The dream ends as I realise I have already taken these exams and I left school and moved on 12 years ago!!

 Dream Meaning
Dreaming of school usually symbolises our learning or working environment and the valuable lessons learned, or being learned, there. The fact that you are back at your old school again indicates that you are probably learning the same old lesson again, and as the lesson recurs, so does the dream. Going back as the oldest pupil may also be revealing a level of frustration in this environment and perhaps a feeling of being held back.

Buses usually represent our career or ambition and drive. The public bus journey would suggest that you are on board with a particular organisation that you perceive as going ‘around the houses’ before arriving at the desired outcome.  This leaves you feeling as though you have ‘missed out’ on the regular bus, the more direct and skilful route, and the canteen, fulfilling your appetite for success and the satisfaction that would bring you.

Being in uniform suggests that you present yourself as being in agreement and fitting in with others but studying for your ‘A’ levels indicates that you have high standards and pride yourself on good results. The way that they ‘spring up’ on you may reflect the pressure that you put yourself under at times and perhaps feel that you are being personally judged or graded on the success or failure of this project.

To really move on this time your dream seems to convey a ‘less haste more speed’ approach. By relaxing and evaluating the situation from that perspective you may find the bus waiting with doors open, as you step easily on board and enjoy the ride to the destination of your choice!