Hello Ian, my school was on fire and I was running away from the flames. I ended up in the school hall but as the fire brigade tried to extinguish the fire the hall began filling with water and I began drowning I managed to swim to the fire exit and escape but so did the water. I jumped on my bike and rode away as fast as I could then the ground turned into big hills with big pools of water at the bottom and alligators that were trying to eat me so I had to jump over them on my bike and ride up the other side this went on and on till I eventually woke up.

A school symbolises a situation where the dreamer can learn valuable lessons and a fire represents the chance for a creative transformation. Water symbolises an emotional situation and drowning represents the opportunity to be inspired rather than being overwhelmed by feelings. Alligators symbolise the ability to work with powerful emotions instead of being devoured by all-consuming fears. This dream suggests that the dreamer is becoming aware of an emerging opportunity to use their creativity in a really valuable way and needs to work through any powerful emotions that might arise rather than being afraid of them.