Hi Ian, 
Thank you if you get time to read this and help me to understand it. 
I’ve been going through a major transition in my life for the past few years now and I’m hoping that this dream is telling me I can be ok eventually.
I used to work on yachts and in this dream I have to take a small inflatable boat down the coast from France to Italy to deliver something. I think it will be a fun trip and take my older brother along. After delivering the package we set off back but I’m not really paying attention, just enjoying the trip.
Suddenly I look up and realise that it’s getting dark, we’re a long way from shore and I don’t think we have enough fuel to get back.
I feel sick at how careless I’ve been and at putting my brother into danger. I head for shore but we get the motor caught up in a load of fisherman’s nets and can’t move. I’m very frightened and cross with myself for being so stupid and not paying attention.
In the end a beautiful yacht comes to rescue us. The Captain pulls me on board but then they set off without my brother. I say we must go back for him and the Captain says we will but my brother needs to understand that it’s my boat and I’m allowing him on and he needs to respect that.
I feel really happy that we’re safe and that I own this fabulous boat that I never knew about and it feels like all my problems are over.

The being lost and at sea and tangled in the nets sort of makes me sense to me but I don’t know what the boat represents.

Thank you again if you get a chance to help me with this.

Dream Meaning
When we dream about the sea we are contemplating the emotional realms and boats often signify how we navigate them.

Your dream suggests that you have been ‘coasting’ along rather effortlessly, going with the flow and enjoying the ride. However this seems to have led you to becoming distracted from the tack your life, or perhaps your health, has been taking.

In your dream you ‘suddenly’ become aware that it’s getting dark and you’re a long way from shore. This sudden awareness reflects the realisation of your actual predicament or transition in waking life, that the way ahead perhaps doesn’t looking quite as bright as you were expecting and that you no longer feel quite as sure-footed as you would like.

When we dream about older brothers we are often reflecting on the older, wiser aspects of ourselves, the part we aspire to be. Once you realize that your aspirations are in jeopardy you tend to become frightened and cross with yourself for not having considered your journey more carefully in waking life. You instinctively head for a more stable vantage point but become caught up in the fisherman’s nets, they may be indicative of some emotional entanglements or restrictions that you felt caught up in causing you to feel helpless at the time.

The Captain coming to the rescue in his beautiful yacht may represent someone in an authoritative position in your waking life that you feel has quite literally rescued you, but he will also have qualities (such as fore planning, decision making, being responsible, commanding respect) that you possess and are being asked to connect with in order to steer your life back on course and once again be on board with your future aspirations. The beautiful yacht will also give you a much sturdier platform from which to navigate the ocean of your future.