Hi Ian, I have been having this dream where I find a secret door in my house. The door leads to a hidden loft but I live in a flat so this technically impossible. I am quite scared about entering the loft because I think there might be a ghost living in it and it will chase me if it sees me. When I do pluck up enough courage to go into the room, I find that it’s full of all kinds of gorgeous clothes and dressmaking equipment. There is a full length mirror and when I stand in front of it I see a very beautifully dressed younger version of myself. Am I going barmy?

When we dream about a secret door, we are often dreaming about a neglected talent that was once close to our hearts. You were probably very passionate about fashion design and dressmaking when you were younger, but decided to stop due to practical reasons. Since then, you have been trying to suppress your creative urges but they always seem to come back to haunt you.

Dreaming about a loft usually indicates that you are revisiting old memories and the thoughts and ideas that you had back then. You may have thought it was impossible to pursue your fashion design dreams when you were younger, but now you have the means and the resources to put these ideas into action. However, you are scared about bringing your design dreams back to life because you feel that your technique and skills may have faded away.

When you examine the design ideas that you had when you were younger, you realise that they are very beautiful and clearly reflect the power and beauty of your own creative talents. The message that your younger self is sending you is that you still have beautiful ideas and now you have the resourcefulness and practicality to make your dream designs into gorgeous clothes.