Hi Ian, Although we have an honest and open intimate life, my wife keeps having really saucy dreams. Sometimes these involve me and sometimes they don’t – should I be worried that she might run off with someone else and have an affair?

Dream Meaning
When we dream of sex, we are usually becoming aware of an exciting situation in our waking lives. This excitement usually involves the conception of a unique idea or a plan and the various ways that we might bring it into life. You probably know what your wife’s special idea is and have seen how excited she is by it. Whatever her plan is, it is filling her with confidence and pleasure and is making her far more aware of her unique talents.

As your wife explores her plan in waking life, she will be experimenting with different concepts and trying to position them in different ways. In exploring this range of ideas, she will have to go beyond the edge of her every day experience and this may result in thoughts that may initially appear to be too weird or intense.

When an intimate partner has saucy dreams, it is all too easy to imagine that they no longer find us attractive and sexy. However, your wife is sharing these dreams with you because she knows that she can’t bring her plans into life without your intimate and loving support. Without you helping to straighten out the kinks in her plans, they will remain as mere fantasies.