Hi Ian, I have this one dream nearly every night- theres these little silver balls and I find them by the river bank near my town hidden in the grass bank, I collect them and put them under a microscope, they have people inside, its like a new world.. it gets rather creepy. Ive wanted to know what this dream is meaning. I have it atleast 5/6 times a week. Please tell me whats going on:)

Dream Meaning

Hi Jessica, the silver balls symbolise some potentially valuable opportunities that you are playing around with in your day-to-day life. The riverbank suggests that they have a powerful emotional meaning for you and so that is why you like to study them in such microscopic detail. The people inside are aspects of your own character that have the potential talent to change your world. The action from your dream is to choose your emotions to decide what direction you want to take in life rather than rationally looking at the tiny details involved in every option.