Hi Ian
I have been having a dream where I am one of a number of snails creeping up a plank. The plank is a long wooden one and is full of knots and splinters. It is leaning against a wall and I am trying to get over the wall because there is a lovely garden on the other side. I often get near the top of the plank but then some spiders start attacking me with webs because I am leaving a trail of little silver fragments. I try to hide in my shell but always just end up rolling down the plank and have to start all over again.

Dreaming of being a snail suggests that you are quite self contained in waking life and like to advance at a measured and comfortable pace. There is some goal that you are currently trying to achieve and this is represented by the lovely garden. However, you feel that there is a major obstacle that is preventing you from fulfilling your objective.

The plank indicates that you are planning to overcome this obstacle by making slow and steady progress towards your goal. Although you are trying to persevere with your plan, the knots and the splinters show that you often seem to encounter negativity and criticism from other people. You are also concerned about becoming too involved with these people in case they hold you back in some way.

The people who are criticising you are jealous of your talents because they can see the value of what you can achieve through your hard work and perseverance. Rather than trying to help you reach your goal, they try to hijack all your hard work. Even though this makes you feel like retreating into your shell, you need to start asserting your real value to others in order to reach your goal.