Dear Dr Wallace,
I have a recurring dream and would appreciate if you could help to shed some light on it. In my dream I am walking around a city (it’s nowhere I recognised) and and after a while decide to look down at my feet.  I notice that I am not wearing any shoes only socks and i realise I’ve lost my shoes.  Upon seeing that I’ve been walking about a big city in my socks I get very embarrassed. The last time I dreamt this though it was slightly different in that upon seeing I’d lost my shoes I re-traced my steps and found them.
I would be very grateful if you could explain this dream and what it could mean.
Many thanks, David

Dream Meaning
When we dream about a city, we are thinking about all the aspects of our social and working environment. Not recognising the city suggests that your experience and talents are not being fully recognised by others. This is reflected by the fact that you are not wearing any shoes in your dream. Shoes often represent your individuality and so losing your shoes indicates that you feel you are losing your identity in some way.

Looking down at your feet suggests that you are recovering your footing after experiencing some form of change in your waking life. This was probably a change in your role or perceived status in your work situation. Walking through the city in your socks shows that are more than capable of doing what is expected of you in your new role but that you are concerned about your lack of formal recognition from those around you.

This makes you feel embarrassed as you sometimes think that you are not as well prepared as you would like to be when you are dealing with other people. However, retracing your steps and finding your shoes shows that you are settling into your new position while making sure your feet stay firmly on the ground.