Hi Ian
I stand up to play lead guitar on ‘We are The Champions’. My friend who teaches music is accompanying me. However in real life and in my dream I have never learned to play guitar!! So why I or anyone would think I could play this to an audience is a puzzle. I pretend to play a few bars?? then when a solo part comes I confess to not being able to do it!!

Dreaming of standing up to play an instrument, even one that you can’t play, suggests that you would like to become proficient at performing a specific skill at your workplace or in public. Your dream indicates that you have performed this particular piece of work before, probably with the guidance of a colleague, but you lack the confidence to do it solo.

However, you are unsure of your abilities and are concerned that you have no formal training for doing this particular work, especially doing it in front of other people. The knowledge and techniques that this skill requires are a bit of a puzzle for you at the moment and you are uncertain if you will be able to learn them. You often imagine doing this piece of work but then quickly bring yourself back to reality.

Although you really want to reach the level of performance and recognition that you desire, the main thing that is holding you back is not your lack of talent but your lack of confidence in your own abilities. The more confident that you are in learning this skill, the easier it will be for you to attain other professional qualifications and skills.