As part of the publicity campaign for my best selling dream book, The Top 100 Dreams, my publishers, Hay House,  sent a review copy to Soul & Spirit magazine. The reviewers have given the book a really nice wee review, declaring it to be ‘the ultimate reference guide for dreamers worldwide’.

As I read through Soul & Spirit magazine I was intrigued to see ‘The Dream Interpreter’ page, written by Russell Grant. Although I have been working professionally with dreams for over 30 years and have analysed over 140,000 of my client’s dreams, I am always keen to check out different perspectives from other dream professionals.

However, the interpretations supplied by Russell (or more likely one of his minions or worker elves) are so old fashioned and inappropriate! One of the main reasons I wrote ‘The Top 100 Dreams’ was to help bring dream interpretation into the 21st century. Instead, it seems that Russell and his staff are drawing much of their information from the worst dream book ever written, Gustav Hindman Miller’s ‘10,000 Dreams Interpreted.

Gustav started writing this book in the late 19th century and it was published in the very early 20th century, around about the same time as ‘The Interpretation of Dreams’ by Sigmund Freud. The main reason that Miller’s ‘10,000 Dreams Interpreted’ is still so popular is because it is out of copyright and so is very cheap to publish, rather than any of its content being of actual value to 21st century dreamers.

Rather than embracing more modern and valuable dream awareness, many people continue to churn out old fashioned analyses, not because they are useful and meaningful but simply because it is cheaper. As well as being used by ‘dream experts’ such as Russell Grant, Gustav’s book is also used as the basis for a wide number of woefully misinformed dream analysis websites such as Spirit Community and Dreams beds.

This willingness of publishers and ‘dream experts’ to stay in the past because it’s cheap, rather than embracing the future because it’s valuable, is one of the main reasons that most people are discouraged from exploring their dreams. This also often influences them to be less open-minded when exploring some of the other practices and perspectives described in Soul & Spirit magazine.