Hi Ian
I keep having a dream where I am climbing up a scary spiral staircase. It seems to go on forever and the steps are rough and high. There is no handrail and the staircase seems to get narrower and narrower the higher that I climb. I am petrified that I might fall off and keep pushing myself into the middle away from the edge. What does this mean?
Thanks, Stephen

Dreaming of a staircase usually indicates that you are thinking about how your career is progressing in waking life. Even though you are making a steady upward progression, there seems to be no end in sight and it often feels like you are just going round in circles. You are keen to advance further in your career but it always seems to require a great deal of effort to make the next step.

Advancing to the next stage of your career can seem sometimes like a rough experience as it places high demands on you. Although you hoped that promotion would bring greater security, the increased responsibilities are making you feel much less secure. You also feel that your choices are narrowing as you climb higher in your chosen profession.

Your natural response is to try and stay as secure as possible by moving away from the edge but in reality, this narrows your freedom of action even more. Your fear of falling shows that you like to be in control and sometimes find it difficult just to let go. Rather than just clinging on to what you know, widen your opportunities by exploring other ways to use your talents.