I have the weirdest re-occuring dream:-
I am walking along a beach – it’s a beautiful day.  I’m talking with someone but I don’t know who it is.  Suddenly a World War 2 areoplane, Spitfire or something similar, comes flying towards us….. not firing its weapons or anything, just flying straight for us – we both run.  The aeroplane crashes onto the beach and I an hit with dedris from the crash – it’s always at that point I wake up.  WHAT DOES IT MEAN?
I always thought “that is how I dead in a previous life” but hopefully you’ll be able to tell me what It really means.
Alan Holmes

Dreaming of walking along a beach on a beautiful day suggests that you are feeling relaxed and fulfilled after successfully navigating an event in your waking life that was causing you some personal upset. Although you seem to be beyond it now, you are worried that tensions from this past conflict will suddenly reappear and begin to threaten you again.

These tensions may have been in some relationship or in the workplace and are symbolised by the World War 2 Spitfire which represents a particular memory of this old conflict. The fact that it is coming straight towards you shows that it is still seems to have the power to upset you but you know it can not harm you because it is not firing its weapons.

You are worried that this fear will materialise in reality and are afraid of  continued fallout from the previous situation.  However, you successfully navigated your way through this situation before and you are now looking at ways to move on from it. Although this is not a memory of a previous life in the sense of a reincarnation, it does show that you are laying a particular chapter of your life to rest and learning from it.