I heard your show on the radio last nite but unfortunately my message was not read out. I was interested to know what your intake on my childhood recurrent dream meant? For a long time I had a reccuring dream that my two older brothers would walk on to these steps that light up.  when they did they started to sort of sink into them, their legs turning into weeds and no matter how much I tried and how much they cried for help I could not pull them out.  I had it all the time as a child and it used to frighten me?

When we dream of older brothers we are usually dreaming of an aspect of ourselves, and older brothers tend to represent experience and authority and they very often symbolise our creativity or talents.

The steps that light up suggest that you were learning how to do something step by step and each step that you learned would illuminate your knowledge and creativity in some way.

However, you were concerned as a child that the steps you were taking to grow your talents would just sink away and that you would have to abandon your creativity as symbolised by the weeds. You were very keen to rescue your talent and keep it alive but you felt that you lacked the resources and power to do that.

You still have that unique creative talent that you had as a child – it may be dancing, painting, writing, something that you really enjoyed – so if you have the time and the space, it might be fun to indulge yourself in your special talent again.