This time in the dreams feature on Steve Wright In The Afternoon, we explore dreams about being in a jumbo jet that goes the whole journey by road, how to deal with a horse in your kitchen, booking into a hotel and finding your room full of elderly people, your cat having a puppy, being woken by a tornado at 4 in the morning, dreaming that you’re on holiday and panicking because you never get a suntan,and waiting at a train station with out any money to get home. Your dreams included…

Hi Ian,

I have a recurring dream that I am in a massive jumbo jet that goes on its journey all the way by road! We go through traffic lights and clip trees and lampposts. We have to negotiate round very tight bends down country lanes and we never take off.

Hi Ian and Steve,
In my dream I walk into my kitchen to find a horse there and the horse bites me. I lead the horse out of the kitchen through the hallway and out the front door.
What does this mean?

Hi Ian,
In my dream I am booking into a hotel, going to my room and finding it full of elderly people who are all sleeping in the same room as us.
Can you tell me what this represents?

Hi Steve, Tim and Ian,
In my dream one of my cats died and I woke myself up crying, but then when I got back to sleep, the cat was having babies. The cat is a male but it had a puppy, and then a kitten!
I remember thinking that it was impossible for the cat to have a puppy, but he did.
I am going through some things in my life at the moment and have been having some weird vivid dreams. What does this one mean?

Hi Steve and gang,
I am woken up regularly at 4am by a tornado wind which roars through my bedroom window (this dream only happens at home). I am then lifted off my bed and Blood pumps from my eyes! I sometimes feel like it is really happening – Please can you help examine this recurring dream?

Hi Steve, Ian and Tim,
I have a reoccurring dream where I’m on holiday, sometimes with my husband sometimes not. The holiday is usually for 2 weeks and I do various obscure things during the holiday which prevent me from sunbathing and getting a tan. I always end up in my dream 1 day before I come home panicking as I don’t have a suntan. I then try everything I can to get a tan on the last day but something always gets in the way so I never end up getting one.

Hi Steve and crew,
Since I lost my job my dream is that I’m always at a train station, I have no money to get home and then someone tells me I’m at a closer station to my destination than I think I am.
What does this mean? It’s been really bothering me.