In this episode of the dreams feature on Steve Wright In The Afternoon, Steve, Tim and I interpret some listeners’ dreams that involve being downstairs on a double-decker bus that just keeps getting faster and faster, participating in a race that finishes at a bus stop, having a glass head that gets a crack in it, adorable cats being sent to live in a cage at the vets, needing the toilet, and finding too many golf balls. Your dreams included…

Hi Steve and Ian,
Ever since my childhood I’ve had a dream where I’m downstairs on a double decker bus which keeps getting faster and faster. I can’t sit down and I’m getting more frightened as the bus speeds up. The countryside is whizzing by until everything is just a blur and eventually I’m woken up.
My earliest recollection of the dream goes back to when I was 7 or 8. I’m now coming up to 70 years old.

Hi Ian,
I was participating in a race, which I eventually came first in. The finishing mark was a bus stop, but instead of a bus stop sign there was a notice board that I had to write my name on to prove I’d won. However, when I went to write my name there was no pen, which meant I had no proof and the whole race was a complete waste of time.
I then saw a door which took me through to a grand room, almost palatial. There was no lighting other than a dim blue glow seeping through the long windows. All the furniture was covered in white cloths that had turned grey with dust. Then I woke up.
Can you shed any light on the dream?

Hi Steve and Ian,
I recently had a dream where I was walking down the street, stumbled slightly and hit my head. I feel my head afterwards and realise it’s made of glass and now has a crack in it. I’m not surprised but I feel slightly worried. Eventually I find myself in a room with lots of people talking, drinking and smoking. I ask one young man “does my head look OK?” and he says “sure, it’s just like everybody else’s.” I wake up feeling calm but remember being distressed during the dream.
What does it all mean?

Hi Ian, Steve and team,
I have two very spoilt black fluffy cats that I adore. In my dream my husband told me that they couldn’t live with us anymore and sent them away.
They weren’t even going to a new home, they went to live in a big cage at a place a bit like a vets. I woke up actually crying which I don’t think has ever happened to me before.
I put it down to just being overtired, but I’d love to know if there’s another explanation.

Dear Ian,
I have a repeating dream of needing the toilet. I search everywhere and it takes ages to find one, but when I do it’s always exposed – either with walls and no door or out in the open where everyone can see me. I never actually use the toilet as I can’t bring myself to go in public.
I’ve been having this dream for a few years now. Please tell me what it means.

Dear Ian and Steve,
In my dream I’m out at my local golf course looking for golf balls in long grass. I stumble across one, then another, then another until I’m suddenly overwhelmed with balls. I wake up feeling like I need to go back with carrier bags and collect them.
Please help.