Dear Ian,
In my dream I’m doing lengths in a swimming pool. I’m practically on top of the water, speeding along and beating all the competition.
However, in reality I don’t like water and I’m not a good swimmer. I’ll always avoid any contact with my face. There’s no reason for me to be in the pool and no conclusion to my swimming of the lengths.
I’m intrigued as to what this could mean.

Hi Steve and Ian,
I recently had a very strange dream. I was walking by a canal and spotted a very tall man wearing a top hat and a long black coat. Weirdly he had three legs and I was very afraid. At one point he was walking in front of me, then somehow he ended up behind me.
Eventually I passed a museum beside the canal and by chance my uncle was in the museum gardens and saw me. He shouted my name and I went running to him.
I have lots of strange dreams but this one really scared me. What was it all about?

Hi Ian,
I regularly dream about trying to put my contact lens in my eye, but as I try it gets bigger and bigger. Eventually the lens grows to around the size of a dinner plate, so I attempt to fold it over to get it in and then wake up.
Can you shed any light on the dream?

Hi Steve and Ian,
In my dream I’ve gone somewhere in my car, but when I return to where it was parked it’s not there. I look all around but it’s nowhere to be found. On the rare occasions that I do find the car, it’ll only drive very slowly no matter how hard I press the accelerator.
I probably have this dream about 20 to 30 times a year.
What does it all mean?

Hi Ian, Steve and team,
My dream is that I’m running really fast, I bend forward putting my arms out in front of me, then take off and fly.
I’ve had this dream on and off since I was small. I’m 42 now and wondered what it could mean.