In this dream feature, Steve, Tim and I explore some more of your wonderful dreams on Steve Wright In The Afternoon on BBC Radio 2, . These include Dolly Parton singing in a Middlesborough working man’s club, too many light switches in the bathroom, being chased by foxes, and being lost in a big hotel.  your dreams included…

Dear Ian,
I had a dream that Dolly Parton had me up singing ‘9 To 5’ in my local working man’s club. Dolly had a Middlesborough accent. The place was packed, but as I sang along with Dolly everyone sitting at the tables looked at me in disgust.
Can you work it out?

Hi Steve,
I have a rather puzzling dream which causes me to wake up feeling quite frustrated. In the dream I’m in a bathroom getting ready to go somewhere. My family is waiting for me, but as I leave the room there are dozens of lights, each with its own switch that I have to turn off.
Each time I turn a light off, another is switched on. I still haven’t managed to switch them all off before I wake up.
I’d be really interested to hear what Ian thinks.

Hi Ian,
When I was younger I had the same recurring dream in which foxes would chase me, then pin me down and lightly chew my thumbs.
Each time it was different, but I’d usually end up in a shed…

Hi Steve and Ian,
I have a recurring dream where I’m in a large hotel and have trouble finding my room. If I do find it I have no key and spend frantic moments looking for reception, only to discover I haven’t got my ID either.
I need to get into the room urgently to change for a big event. I don’t know where my husband is in all of this and I usually wake up in quite a state!
Can you explain?

Dear Ian and Steve,
I’m now in my 40s, but my dream started when I was about 6 years old. I’m awake in bed and it’s quite dark. I look towards the right hand corner of the room by the ceiling and see something that looks like a peach, but more oval.
It starts coming towards me, slowly going black and rotten as it gets nearer. It seems to get bigger and flatter before it falls on my face and tries to suffocate me. I usually wake up at this point terrified and gasping for air.
What does it all mean?

Hi Steve,
I have a recurring dream which is quite disturbing where I’m trying to poke someone’s eyes out. I always wake up before I do because I hate touching my own eyes, let alone anyone else’s. It’s never the same person, in fact I don’t know who it is.
I’ve tried looking it up but I can’t find any information anywhere. Please help me find out why I have this horrible dream!