On this Big Show, Steve, Tim and I explore some listeners’ dreams that involve being lost in a chaotic city, rotten fish in the river, too much chewing gum in the mouth, low-level flying in an airliner, goldfish in the toilet bowl, descending into a very dark hole, crumbling teeth and taking a course at an unknown university. Your dreams included…

Hi Ian,

I have a recurring Dream, although the exact location and circumstances alter. (It’s usually a town/city in chaos because of an emergency or disaster). The overall theme is always that I’m lost and can’t find my way home or back to a car and I have to be there for a certain time.
In my dream I’m panicking and have to say to myself ‘just think, it will be alright, you’ll get there in time’.  There is no ending in my dream but I always remember it when I wake up.

Hi Steve and Ian,
My dream is that there are fish in a river and when I catch them they’re always rotten. However I still have to eat them because nothing must go to waste.
Are you able to help Ian?

Hi Steve and Ian,
I’m originally from Troon in Scotland but now I listen online every morning from my office in the suburbs of Atlanta USA.
I keep having two recurring dreams and I wonder if they are related.
The first one is where I find myself chewing gum, but I’ve put too much in my mouth and I can’t seem to spit out a golf ball sized chunk of the stuff. I’m thinking it occurs when I have ‘bitten of more than I can chew’ perhaps on a work project but I really don’t stress about that stuff too much so I might be barking up the wrong tree there. I’m wondering if it means something else.
The other one is where I’m in a plane, about to take off. We speed down the runway but the plane is too heavy to take off and can only fly at about 100ft off the ground for ages, narrowly missing trees and hills. We never crash. We land on a wide road eventually. I fly a lot due to my job but I’m not really afraid of flying. In fact I’m more nervous about landing than take-off.
Can you give me any insight into this?

Hi Ian,
I dreamt there were fish (possibly goldfish) swimming in my toilet bowl.  I was very concerned about the fish because there was bleach and chemicals in the water but they seemed fine and were happily swimming around.  Time seemed to pass and I kept thinking the fish were going to die, but they were thriving, despite all the chemicals which seemed to be automatically being put into the toilet bowl.
(This is part of recurring dreams I have about fish).

Hi Ian, Steve and Tim,
I keep having a recurring dream that I get chewing gum stuck in my teeth and I’m pulling and pulling at it and it stretches and seems endless strings come away from my teeth but never seem to get to the end and remove it all.
Can you tell me what this represents?

Hi Ian,
About a year ago, I was dreaming and in the last part of the dream I was looking down into a very dark hole, and decided to go down there head first. I felt very calm. Just when I felt like I was about to lose control of my descent, I pulled back and woke up. Once awake, my heart was beating very slowly.
Does this mean anything at all?

Dear Steve and Ian,
I have a recurring dream that my teeth start crumbling and all fall out! What does it mean? I’ve been having it for years.

Dear Steve and gang,
I regularly have vivid dreams, often of crowded places, particularly places of learning such as an unknown university and what I’d like to know is; how can I dream of people who I’ve never met or of places that I have never been?