In this dream episode, Steve, Tim and I explore some more of your fantastic dreams on Steve Wright In The Afternoon on BBC Radio 2. These include teeth, tornadoes, back garden crocodiles, faded navy blue jumpers and being lost in a big hotel. Your dreams included…

Hi Steve and Ian,
I had a dream that I was a jumper – navy blue but faded, bobbled and with a couple of moth holes. I was folded up in a drawer with other jumpers. Then, the drawer was opened and I was lifted out, shaken and ‘released’.
I felt a tremendous sense of relief, but while I was in the drawer I felt trapped and shackled as if the sleeves were my arms – all tied up and suffocated.
I’d be really interested to hear what Ian thinks.

Hi Ian,
I have a recurring dream about buying a house that’s far too big, with lots of rooms that I never use.
The previous owner is still keeping lots of books in the attic and accessing it via the rooftop. I tell him he needs to leave as it’s my house now, but he won’t go. I’m also scared to go up to the attic and look at what’s in there…

Dear Ian and Steve,
I’d really love to find out why I dream almost every night of houses, apartments, cellars – in fact, anything to do with houses. Sometimes they’re big, sometimes small, sometimes haunted.
It’s very disconcerting, and when I try and remember my dreams afterwards I never recognise any of the houses.
What does it all mean?

Hi Steve and Ian,
I dreamt that I was walking along a huge valley in warm and sunny weather. In the distance the sky turned black and tornados appeared.
As the tornados got closer, they turned into shapes that were like running horses. I kept walking towards them, not frightened at all.
Can you explain?

Hi Ian,
I have a recurring dream that truly mystifies me. I’m at the window of my childhood home looking into the back garden.
There’s a pond, which wasn’t there in reality, which keeps getting larger. In the pond lives a small crocodile, which also gets larger and larger until it nearly fills the back garden.
Just as it’s about to attack me I wake up. What do you think?