In this dream feature on Steve Wright In The Afternoon on BBC Radio 2, Steve, Tim and I explore some more of your fantastic dreams. These include puffins in a tin, a forgotten baby, flocks of birds, contact lenses, goldfish in distress and being a fox in a spaceship. Your dreams were…

Dear Ian,
I dreamt I opened a tin of puffins. It was the size and shape of a sardine tin, but when I peeled the lid back it was full of little puffins. They were in oil, just as sardines would be.
I wasn’t surprised to find them there – what could it mean?

Hi Steve and Ian,
I’ve had a recurring dream for years. In the dream I’m given, have or find a baby, but I’m not prepared so have to try and find things like a cot and a pram quickly.
I have teenage children and they’re not phased by what’s happening, it’s just me that’s stressed.
I have this dream at least 3 times a week, and sometimes it can affect my mood for the whole day.
Please help!

Hi Steve,
I’m now 68 and no longer get this, but when I was young I used to have a recurring dream of a flock of birds flying past me. The birds looked like ones you’d draw on a picture.
Strangely, if I had the dream at home it’d be in black and white, but if I slept at my grandparents’ house it was in Technicolor.
I’ve always wondered what this could mean.

Hi Steve and Ian,
I regularly dream that I can’t put my contact lenses in because they’re the size of dinner plates. In the dream I keep trying to put one of them up to my eye thinking it’ll go in, but then I realise it’s too big.
I’d love to know what the dream means.

Hi there,
I’ve been dreaming of saving goldfish for a number of years. I’ve found them floundering on the floor and had to run a bath or fill a sink with water to put them in.
Or I’ll be in a bar where there are lots of jugs with small amounts of water in, and I’ll have to keep rushing to the bar to ask the staff to fill them up so the fish can survive.
I’ve also found myself squashed into a fish tank, trying to make room for the other fish.

Dear Ian and Steve,
I dreamt that I was a fox who was part of the team on a spaceship. The spaceship crashed and I found myself stranded on an island. I was scared and lonely, but a black, pot-bellied pig befriended and looked after me.
As the years went by we lost our energy and became old and grey. Then the spaceship returned to take us away and we were suddenly young and rejuvenated again.
What does it all mean?