In this dream feature on Steve Wright In The Afternoon on BBC Radio 2, Steve, Tim and I explore some more of your fantastic dreams . These include running in slow motion, floating and flying, hiding in a cave, hunted and derelict houses, department store dreams and parties going wrong. Your dreams included…

Hi Steve and Ian
I’ve been having similar dreams all my life and I hope you can tell me what they mean and if they all mean the same thing:
They are:
•    Trying to run away from someone or something but I run in slow motion
•    Tring to fight someone but I’m fighting in slow motion and my punches are as light as a feather no matter how hard I try
•    Trying to shout or scream but no sound comes out
•    Trying to dial a number in an emergency, but it’s in slow motion and I keep hitting wrong digits

Hello Ian,
l have dreamt frequently over recent years that I’m among people l know and the weather is lovely and sunny and I tell them to watch me as l lift up off the ground gently pacing with my legs, lifting my knees until my feet are about level with their heads.
l feel shy but proud and say that l can’t stay up for long, even though I know l could have stayed up for as long as l wanted.
I also feel that l don’t want to ‘show off’, because l know that none of them can do the same.
The people don’t seem to be particularly surprised at what l’m doing, even though l believe it to be amazing.
l would love to know what this dream could mean…

Hi Steve and Ian,
I’d love to know what this dream means please…
I’m in a cave, hiding from something which has scared me.
Some apes approach me, dressed like in the old Planet of the Apes films.
They’re laughing at me but not speaking.  They begin to eat orange segments and then flick the pips into my eyes as I cry and beg them to stop.
I’ve had this dream many times over the years and it always terrifies me.
I first had it when I was 6 or 7 and I’m now 44 and I always wake up sweating and in tears.

Hi Steve and Ian,
I’ve been having a recurring dream for a number of months that is starting to freak me out.
I’m usually wandering around a building – usually a terraced house, sometimes a bungalow, sometimes a small hotel.  The features vary, but there are always two constants – firstly the property is in a state of disrepair and the other is that it’s haunted.
I don’t always see the ghost but in the most disturbing dream I’ve had it turned poltergeist and attacked someone.
Recently the dream has taken a different slant and the property is in better condition and I’m trying to sell it along with the ghost, who thankfully doesn’t make an appearance and scare them off.  However, when I talk to the prospective buyer about the neighbours, they say no straight away…

Hi Ian,
For about six months on and off I’ve had the same dream that I’m in a large department store and although I don’t work there, I offer to show an elderly couple to a department on an upper floor.
The lift arrives and we enter. As it rises, the sides of the lift-shaft fall away until the lift is simply a floor travelling between four upright posts in the open air.
I’m terrified but the elderly couple are completely unmoved.
Eventually we arrive at their floor and everything returns to normal… weird or what?

Dear Ian,
I have a dream frequently in which I’m trying to organise a dinner party for people I know – many of whom are dead or that I haven’t thought about for many years.
But things always go wrong – cutlery goes missing or the champagne has gone flat… that kind of thing.
However in reality, the parties I host actually go fine because I like to plan well…. what could this dream mean?