In this dream feature on Steve Wright In The Afternoon on BBC Radio 2, Steve, Tim and I help you to understand the real meanings of some more of your amazing dreams. The dreams we explored in the show included…

Hi Steve and Ian,
I have a frequent dream involving a beautiful dark-haired girl who is locked in a prison cell.
In the dream I want to help her out of prison, so I undo the cell door. However  she then pushes me into her cell before locking the door and running off.
I’m now trapped in the prison cell in the dream, and I’d love to know what this means?

Dear Steve and Ian,
In my dream I’m booked into a hotel and on arrival all is as expected – a nice big room with a double bed and a bland beige colour scheme.
However there’s then a knock at the door and a stroppy woman marches in saying that even though she’s checked out she’s decided to return and claim “her room.”
I politely explain it’s no longer her room and she needs to leave, but she refuses so I phone reception.
A young man arrives who it soon becomes obvious is not experienced with dealing with matters like these, but I have difficulty in getting a senior member of staff to the room despite repeated phone calls.
After a couple of hours my assertive, but polite attempts have failed and I finally snap. By this time the woman is lying on the floor, with the male member of staff just watching helplessly, so I decide to grab the woman by her long hair, drag her along the floor and out the door!
Problem solved I come back to my room and slam the door, and when I wake up I think “this is so me” and have a smile on my face all day.
What does it all mean though?!

Dear Ian,
Recently I had a dream in which I was in the final of ‘The Apprentice’ and my business plan was due to be scrutinized by Claude, Karen and Lord Sugar. But with very little time to go, I realize that I can’t remember what my business idea was, or even find my business plan to jog my memory.
I’m trying to come up with all sorts of ideas but as I think of them, the other candidates are presenting them ahead of me, and by this point I’m getting really stressed out and nervous.
Then I find a short chapter of some obscure children’s novel that I seem to remember having written, and so I decide that I must basically present that.  It’s at this point that I wake up feeling an utter plank!
Although I’ve done some creative writing in the past I struggle to form ideas and I’m by no means an author, so what does this all mean?

Hello Ian!
This dream started when I was a child, and I’ve had it once or twice a year for 40 years now.
In my dream I’m a medieval queen – and a very severe queen at that – sitting on a huge throne holding a wand.
The bad men of my realm are brought before me by my courtiers, and when I point my wand at them, they shrink.
I then have the miniature men put in a tiny box, and when I look behind me there are piles and piles of boxes in all colours and sizes stacked up behind my throne.
Even though I find the dream weird and not scary, I’m still pretty worried of what is says about me!

Dear Steve, Ian and team,
At least once a year since we moved out 21 years ago, I’ve been dreaming of our old house.
This is the house in Plymouth myself and my husband got married and had our kids in, before moving out after 7 years to our current home in Tavistock.
In the dream I know that I shouldn’t be there but somehow I sneak in and look around. There are a few things that are different about the house and I soon panic that someone is going to find me, which is when I usually wake up.
I loved our old house but I absolutely love this house we’re in now and there’s no regret moving here.
Would you please solve this mystery for me?

Hi Ian,
I have this re-occurring dream where I’m in my car and want to go somewhere, but the windows are all misted up. I don’t have time for them to clear so I start driving the car.
However I can’t see where I’m going so I open the window and try sticking my head out. I also can’t reach the breaks and although  don’t crash into anything or anyone, I just have no control.
I had this dream as recently as last week and have been having it for about 4 years, please can you tell me what it’s all about?