In this dream feature on Steve Wright In The Afternoon on BBC Radio 2, Steve, Tim and I share the real meanings of some more of your brilliant dreams. The dreams we explored in the show included…

Dear Steve and team,
 The other day I had a dream where I was showing an old couple around my old school.
For some reason they wanted to “feed Liam Gallagher”, so I told them if they put some beans, bacon and a roll into the top drawer in the art room, eventually he’d get it.
After that my vision started going blurry and my girlfriend’s mum (who was also there) said that’s what happens when you become an adult.
I thought this was a little odd, so hoped Ian might be able to help!

I don’t often remember my dreams, but this one stuck in my mind.
I was standing on a beach in lovely bright sunshine and realised I’d forgotten something. I didn’t know what it was, but I was sure it was in a little beach hut a little way out into the water.
I paddled out to the hut and walked around looking, then thought it must be under the hatch in the floor. I opened the hatch to find two duckbilled platypuses climbing out.
Apparently this was what I’d been looking for and I was pleased that I’d found them. Then I woke up.
Please help! Thanks Ian.

Dear Steve and team,
Fairly regularly I have a dream where I’m stumbling around, not able to see particularly well. I need to put my contact lenses in. Bizarrely, they’re about the size of my hands.
Although I find this alarming in the dream, I don’t find it particularly offputting. I eventually manage to put them in, then I can see clearly.
When talking to my colleagues, it turns out that a few of us have had similar dreams.
Any enlightenment would be really welcome!

Hi Steve and Ian,
In my recurring dream I find myself wanting to play golf, but it’s getting dark and I’m being held up trying to get to the first tee.
I finally get there and try to hit my first shot, but there’s a brick wall behind me so I can’t swing my club properly.
I play one hole and darkness set in. The feeling of frustration at not being able to play is immense.
I’d love to know what this means!

Hi Radio 2 Dream Team,
I have a recurring dream that the French windows in my house are open and I go to close them because there are lions, tigers and foxes roaming around the garden.
It’s a lovely sunny day and there are lots of flowers in the garden too. I’m not afraid of the animals, just surprised that they’re there.
What does Ian think?