In this dream feature on Steve Wright In The Afternoon on BBC Radio 2, Steve, Tim and I make sense of some more of your wonderful dreams. The dreams we explored in the show included…

Hi Ian,
I am English and am married to my wife who has Polish family one generation up. I have recently been dreaming in Polish and cannot understand it. In my dreams I speak fluent polish but can only mutter a few words of the language whilst awake!
Why does this Happen and can it be explained?

Hello Steve and Ian,
Two nights ago I dreamt I was in a Roman Ampitheatre. I had a sword in my hand and knew that I was waiting for caged lions to be released that I was going to fight.

Hi Ian,
My dream was that my dream-self had realised it was in a dream and had created some kind of idyllic countryside paradise for himself and some of my closest mates.
We were all sat in a tree, waiting for some sort of split in reality to appear so I could let my other dreams know they were only dreams and not real. I were trying to get through to a zombie dream (that’d turned into a nightmare). I tried to let them know it wasn’t real and that they could control it.
Weirdest dream I’ve ever had, and I remember a lot of my dreams. This one comes on the back of weeks of having dreams within dreams and sleeping a lot more than usual, so not sure if that’s relevant.

Hi Steve and Ian,
For the last couple of years I’ve had a reoccurring dream.  The scenario is always different but ultimately I’m always desperately trying to get home.
I’ve had flights cancelled, cars brake down, tried to get through floods, been trapped in a room and the door was too small to get through, running along a road that never ends, refused train travel as my ticket was invalid, and many, many more.  It’s my sense of panic that always wakes me up.
Please put me out of my misery and help me make sense of these dreams.

Hi Ian,
A couple of friends and I were walking through an old city at night. Suddenly a huge object passed across the sky and it was literally like it was passing in front of the moon.
It was the size and shape of the Colosseum in Rome and was about the hit the Earth.
As it did, there was no sound or commotion but I was suddenly lifted into the air away from everyone else. I tried to use the bag in my hands to pull me back to Earth but I’ve no idea of I made it down again or not.
I woke up tingling all over and very dazed. Would love to know what this was all about!