In this dream feature on Steve Wright In The Afternoon on BBC Radio 2, Steve, Tim and I help you to understand the real meanings of some more of your wonderful dreams. The dreams we explored in the show included…

Hi there Ian,
In this dream, I was stood in my parents back garden that looked as it did when I was a small child around 45 years ago.
My husband was there, dressed for work and I was saying goodbye to him at the gate as he left.
I then shut the gate and turned back to the garden.
There was an elephant in the garden that I patted as if it was the most normal thing in the world – the elephant then poured boiling water into a mug of coffee for me using its trunk. It used an old fashioned style kettle that you put on stove, from the kitchen.
Have I completely lost it? I regularly have strange and vivid dreams that leave me wondering what they mean. They’re always in colour and there’s often more than one a night. Is that normal?

Hi Steve and Ian,
I have the same dream at least once a week and have been having it since I was a small child… and I’m now in my mid 30s.
The dream is always the same.
I am in the body of our family dog and I can roam around our family home where I like, only I always go to the same places.
The upsetting bit is my family – and particularly me – are all being horrible to me (as the dog).
I can’t explain this and it’s baffled me for years!

Hi Ian,
In this very vivid dream, I was at home with my husband, and our grown-up children plus twin grandsons, and a friend of ours had persuaded them all to go to the Moon to start a new life!
I had chosen to be left behind to look after dogs (I look after dogs for a living) and was very concerned about their lack of planning, such as the fact they had no food, equipment or any idea of how they were going to get there and where to land.
I was spending these last hours before they went asking them to consider if it was a good idea but I was constantly being interrupted by other things in my daily life that kept taking me away from the farewells.

Hi Steve and Ian,
I often have extremely peculiar dreams.
In my most recent dream, I was busy making an apple crumble when my father presented me with an absolutely massive container of breadcrumbs made from grapes for the topping.
When I say a massive container, imagine an oil drum full of breadcrumbs!
Any ideas what this means?

Dear Steve and Ian,
I’ve listened to this feature many, many times with great interest, and I’m wondering if there’s an explanation for my dreams about fish.
I dream about fish on a fairly regular basis, and usually they’re in some sort of distress or a difficult situation.
They might have very little water, or they haven’t been fed for a while or they’re in a tank that’s broken meaning they’re falling onto the floor.
Whatever the difficulty, I’m desperately trying to save them by pouring water onto them, picking them up off the floor, feeding them, etc.
The situation is usually drastic and I’m in a complete panic, and upset whilst trying to make sure they survive.