Hello Ian
I just had a dream where there were lots of staples or clamps holding my skin together, all over my body, especially in my tummy area. I tried to remove them carefully to avoid any pain, but then realised they were holding together large wounds in my body, and if I removed them my insides would become exposed for everyone to see. In real life, I am only a size 8 and do not need my stomach stapling!
Thanks, Ciara

When you dream of your skin, you are thinking about the boundary between your innermost feelings and the image that you present to others in the outside world. If you are thick skinned, you can take a lot of criticism and abuse from others without it affecting your feelings too much.

However, if you are feeling quite thin skinned, then it can be very easy for you to be wounded by the apparently thoughtless words and actions of other people. When this happens, you try to stop yourself falling apart by clamping down on how you show your true feelings to others. Even though you try and cover up your old wounds, they can still feel quite hurtful for you, so you carefully try to resolve any tensions as painlessly as possible.

Your sensitivity can make you feel vulnerable to being wounded by others but your gut instinct is to be as open with your feelings as possible. Although showing everyone how you really feel can make you feel very exposed, it also means that you are very honest and sensitive to the needs of other people. This can seem like a weakness but others see it as your greatest strength.