Hi Ian
I have been having this dream for a least 4 years on an off. I wake up in a total panic, I have forgotten to take tablets which are extremely important,  (I don’t take tablets for anything) or I have lost something extremely important. It is always the same I am extremely upset and I wake up in a panic I think I may scream I am not sure. I hate this dream because when I become awake, I am cross at myself for having the same dream yet again.

When you dream of taking tablets there is often something in your waking life that you think that you are obliged to do. These obligations probably involve following some regulations that you feel are being imposed upon you. This results in you having to take very specific actions that are monitored by other people. Although you question the value of these rules, you are told that you must keep taking these actions for your own good.

Dreaming that you have forgotten to take your tablets suggests that you would rather not follow these rules. Although you feel that you are expected to perform these tasks, you know deep down that you would be much happier if you could just let them go and forget all about them. Rather than making you feel better, these rules often just cause tension and uneasiness for you.

The loss of something important indicates that you feel that you are losing some vital quality in your work when you follow these strict procedures. This becoming increasingly hard for you to swallow. Even though these rules seem to be written on tablets of stone, there is always room for you to improve them for everyone’s benefit.