My husband and I were on a guided tour of a submarine, but appeared to be spending the night on it in one of the cabins. 

We woke up in a double bed, another couple on the other side of the cabin in a similar bed, and we were surrounded by the Indian Cricket Team, smartly dressed in white flannels and navy blazers with red and gold motifs embroidered on the pockets.

I nudged my husband to get out of bed, as it was time to carry on with our tour, but he was very slow to do so, so I got out first. There was a slowly moving pool of oily water seeping under the door, which seemed slightly ominous to me, and one of my sandals got dirtied, which made me cross.

We joined the other people on the tour.
Everywhere was spotless and painted a gleaming white. The passages were very narrow so that we had to go in single file.

Half-way round, we were told that we had to leave, as there was an exercise taking place. I asked if I could use the toilet, but was told there weren’t any.

Everyone behind me went back, but we went on – I was last – as we were nearer the exit than the entrance.

As we walked on, the construction of the submarine changed from solid walls to walls, ceiling and floor made from plain 4” x 4” wooden beams, which we had to step on to avoid the spaces between them.

The man in front of me had a small child strapped to his back and was having difficulty walking. I was carrying my old school shoe-bag on my back. It was easy to walk on the beams if you held onto the beams overhead at the same time. Through the gaps in the wall on the right-hand side of the passage,
I could see sailors changing into white uniforms (t-shirts and trousers).

We passed a doorway on the left, which was the captain’s cabin. It was well furnished, with a double bed, and I saw that my eldest son and his wife were sitting in it, resting against some large pillows.

It got hotter and hotter – we were going downwards – and I could see men wearing nothing but white towels wound round their heads to catch the sweat. They were working in the engine room.

When we reached the exit door, there was a sailor standing behind a small desk, stamping our tickets.

That was one of my many very vivid dreams – as always, it had a loo in it!

Dream Meaning
Dreaming about water is a reflection of our emotions, so being taken on a tour inside a submarine shows your growing awareness as you progress through aspects of your emotional behavior that usually remain hidden beneath the surface.

Creating our dreams we often use descriptive imagery to hi-light a dichotomy of forces at play within us. These contrasting energies are central to your dream, with reference to water and fire throughout and are beautifully depicted in the dress of the Indian cricket team. The ‘white flannels’ representing a more familiar desire for honesty, whilst also being made aware of the capacity to mop up emotional overspills, and the navy blazers expressing a less familiar more fiery and creative energy. Being surrounded by the team (and also the sea) suggests that you are recognising some opportunity to achieve a certain goal in your emotional life, the value of which is mirrored in the red and gold motifs.

The other imagery in your dream seems to elaborate on this, bringing to light a specific pattern of behavior about how you present yourself to others (shown by the shoes) and what you hide. The old school shoe bag is therefore about carrying the weight of some habitual ways that you have learned to do this. There has perhaps been a tendency to ‘pour oil on troubled water’ in the past and this can now make you feel cross when it inevitably comes back to haunt you and seemingly spoil your stance. The narrow corridors also reflect a restriction in this way of interacting, showing how you may have had to tread carefully in order to feel safe and get the support and respect you need.

The significance of ‘expressing your needs or hidden emotions’ is behind the many toilet dreams you have and your ticket being stamped, shows that you are ready to give yourself that permission. As you reach deeper, you are beginning to glimpse the life force available to you and the power you have to transform these limitations, creating all your heart desires.

Here are some questions that may be useful to ponder: Is there anything you are currently feeling opposed to? Do you feel like you spend too much time standing in someone else’s shoes rather than your own? Do you now find yourself in a position where you have more opportunity to attend to your own needs?