An increasing number of dreamers are reporting super injunction dreams. There are a number of variations on these dreams, with the most common one being that someone has taken out a super injunction on the dreamer.

This super injunction prevents them from revealing the identity of another person, usually a celebrity or sports personality.

The meaning of these dreams is similar to the dreams reported about Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange. Super injunction dreams symbolise carefully guarded secrets that may cause much discomfort if they are openly revealed.

For example, the dreamer may have a secret romantic crush on someone but they are embarrased about revealing their true feelings in case they are rejected. Instead of finding some way to get closer to their heart’s desire, the dreamer becomes increasingly defensive and guarded in waking life, often drawing more attention to themselves than if they had been honest and open in the first place.

When we dream, celebrities and sports personalities usually represent unrealised talents and powers that the dreamer has not fully realised in waking life. The super injunction dreams reflect how the dreamer’s concern about possible rejection may prevent them from ever realising their own hidden talents.

Like super injunctions, a fear of rejection can be a high price to pay  in order to try and keep our real talents a secret. Opening up to others and taking the chance to reveal our own talents and feelings, however, may prove a bit of revelation for others and open up lots of new opportunities for us in waking life.

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