Suspect DeviceSo far this year, many clients have been dreaming about bombs and other explosive devices. Their dreams usually involve a bomb that is about to explode, rather than the resulting destruction caused by a detonation. When we dream about a bomb, it often foreshadows a sudden change or significant imbalance in our waking lives.

Usually this reflects either a change in our circumstances caused by external factors like credit crunches and recessions, or indicates a build up of internal anger and frustration about a specific personal issue. These situations are often anticipated with anxiety, as they may end in loss or the destruction of a particular way of life.

Although the sudden change symbolised by the bomb may be experienced as an individual crisis, it also presents the opportunity for transformation and progress. A bomb is a package of potential energy, and the dreamer can choose how to channel and benefit from that energy in waking life.

The solution to working with this dream is to realise that it is our own finger on the detonation button. If we feel that we are about to explode angrily, we need to examine our own current anxieties and frustrations. Rather than having our destructive energy triggered by external events, we should channel that energy into a specific solution to our crisis.

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