Dear Dr. Ian, I have a reoccurring dream that has been coming to me regularly over the past 5-6 years.  I am rushing to board a large airplane just before take off and I always get on the plane as it is just taking off, the plane always struggles to get off the ground and I find myself flying through the streets with the planes wings only just fitting between the tower blocks and at a very low level, my dream never ever concludes as to whether we make it up into the sky or whether we crash!

Dream Meaning
When we dream about an airplane we are usually considering big ideas or projects that we are working on in waking life. The fact that you are rushing to board the plane indicates that you are putting yourself under pressure to get these projects launched. Although the projects do get off the ground, you sometimes find it a struggle to keep them going.

The streets in your dream reflect the fact that you know there are specific paths you have to follow as you attempt to keep a project aloft. The tower blocks represent the official procedures and practicalities that you have to navigate your way through. Even though your progress may appear to be touch and go, you always manage to get the project off the ground.

However, you often feel unsure about the successful outcome of the project and this is probably reflected in waking life where you are uncertain if the big plan is really going to take off in the way that you would like it to. Your gut instinct tells you that it will be a success but you sometimes find it challenging to clearly articulate this to others.