Dear Ian, I dreamed that a talking bee called Frank (or Fred) invited me and other people (one of them was my dad) to see his new invention.  It was a robot that looked like an elephant but didn’t have a trunk.  It was picking things up between it’s ears and putting them into a shed.  It started malfunctioning and was putting everything into the shed, including a pram or pushchair. Then Frank the bee started telling it off saying out of the side of his mouth “your showing me up”.  I was trying hard not to laugh, and this is when I woke up, chuckling to myself.

Thanks for getting in touch with your dream. It’s absolutely brilliant! When we dream of a bee, we are reflecting on something that is busy and productive in waking life. The robot elephant sounds like a computer, loading things into its memory and then storing them. In waking life, it sounds like the busy productive side of yourself is sometimes momentarily puzzled by new technology but your easy and relaxed side always works out how to use new things and have a laugh at the same time.