Hello Ian,
I have this bizarre recurring dream where I am looking for a public toilet but the only one I can find is a lavatory pan in public telephone box. The door is often missing and the sides are glass so people can see in. Although I am desperate for the toilet, I know I need to phone someone first. Even though I have my mobile on me but I am scared I will drop it down the pan, so I have to use the public phone but I either can’t see the buttons or they are in no regular order or I keep hitting the wrong ones. I get very anxious and frustrated. But I can never get through.

Dreaming of trying to find a toilet usually indicates that we are trying to find a way of openly expressing our needs and getting rid of behaviours that are no longer healthy for us. Looking for a public toilet shows that you need to tell other people what your needs actually are rather than keeping them privately to yourself.

Although you are desperate to honestly express your needs to others, you are finding it difficult to get your message across. Your requirement to use the public phone shows that is probably a work situation rather than a personal one. You are aware that you can privately communicate your needs but  you are concerned that if you do this in public it might adversely affect your career and send your reputation down the pan.

You know the message that you want to get across but you don’t know how to push the right buttons to make this happen. You also feel that you will be wrongly judged if you do not communicate in the regular manner. Instead of trying to go through the official channels, just try asking for help and be open to all the offers that you will receive.