Hi Ian, I am an adult but my dream is that I am travelling on the tube to get to school. I have a feeling that I am late for a test. I have a feeling that I do not know where I am going on the tube and have to change lines. Changing tubes is scary because it seems more dangerous than in real life. I used to walk to school in real life. Once I get to school I can not find my class because I am too busy trying to find out where the school dinners are being served.
Thanks for your time, Mo

Dream Meaning
Dreaming of travelling in a tube train indicates that you feel that your life is following a tightly defined path where you do what is expected of you. It also suggests that you think that your efforts at work are often not fully recognised by your colleagues. This is frustrating for you because trying to get to school shows that you are keen to have your individual talents recognised and validated by other people.

However, to really have your talents properly recognised by other people, you may have to change direction in your career. This can seem scary and dangerous for you because you are unsure of where you really want your career to take you. The feeling of being late for a test reflects that you have very high standards and you feel that you should be further on in your professional life that you actually are.

Although you do make it to school, the fact that you spend your time looking for school dinners points to your real goal in life. Food usually symbolises a sense of fulfillment, so you should pursue a career path that is personally fulfilling, rather than just doing what is expected of you.