In this live interview on The Daily Edition, Australia’s biggest daytime television show, I share some insights into the Psychology of Dreaming, and why there is no such thing as a bad dream. Although it would have been wonderful to travel to Australia and meet the lovely hosts of the show, Sally Obermeder and Tom Williams, my schedule meant that I performed the interview live from the BBC studios in Edinburgh.

If I was a TV studio estate agent, rather than a dream psychologist, I would describe the BBC Edinburgh studios as ‘bijou and welcoming’. The basic TV studio facilities meant that I had no video feed of my charming hosts, only an audio feed as I spoke to camera. The BBC staff, however, did provide a very useful visual cue in the form of an upturned Styrofoam cup, with a smiley face drawn onto it in Biro, as can be seen in this photo of my perspective during the interview.