The dream I often have is that I am talking and can feel something flapping around in the back of my throat, when I put my fingers in my mouth I feel a hair and then wrap the hair round my finger and pull very hard to get the hair out, the hair comes up from my stomach and is always very long and takes ages to come out, eventually springing free with heavy glut on it! Your opinion would be appreciated and can hopefully put my mind at rest as to what the dream means.

Dream Meaning
When we dream about our throat we are often reflecting on how we communicate our feelings in waking life. The throat forms the connection between your mind and your body and is where you begin to form words before you actually say them. The thing that is flapping around is something that you feel you need to say but might cause a bit of a flap if you actually do say it.

Our fingers represent our ability to grasp control and direct our actions and you take action by locating the hair and starting to pull on it. A hair often indicates an idea or the thread of a story so you are putting a great deal of effort into working this out. The idea originates from a gut feeling and it can sometimes be a long drawn out process to bring your plans into reality.

When your idea does eventually spring out, putting it into practice can seem quite messy and you would like this to happen a lot more cleanly. You often feel that others are being too cautious and analytical and preventing your project from getting off the ground. However, if you can trust your gut instincts and communicate the true value of your idea, then your plans will really start to take off.