Hi Ian.  I have had a few reoccuring dreams that have been stressing me out.  I have tried to research the meaning of them on my own, but I can’t seem to find similarities in anything.  One dream I have been having is where I am talking to someone and my jaw tightens up.  I can still talk, but you can’t understand what I am saying.  Along with this I have dreams where I can’t walk correctly.  Again, I can still walk, but its not to my full ability.

Another dream I keep having is that my thirteen year old dog is dying.  This dream is very vivid and I will wake up crying in the middle of the night.  I have been scared that she really is going to pass because she has some health problems, even before these dreams started. I assume this dream coincides with my worries, but its so vivid in the sense that I actually see her take her last breath right in front of my eyes.  I really appreciate you reading this and I hope you can give me and idea on why these dreams are so frequent and why I am having them. Thanks again!

When we dream that we are trying to speak to someone but cannot usually indicates that there is someone in our waking life that we really need to speak to, but for some reason we feel that we cannot. The tightening of your jaw suggests that you are angry with someone you know, but are repressing your feelings.

Dreaming of not being able to walk correctly often symbolises that you are feeling emotionally vulnerable and are not standing up for yourself properly, and that you are not following the path that you really want to.

Dogs represent our feelings of loyalty and affection, so to dream that your dog is very poorly reflects that someone close to you has been disloyal to you, or that you can no longer be loyal to them. This feeling is heightened by your dog’s health problems.

All these dreams are reflecting the same message from your unconscious self – that you are angry with someone because you feel that they have been disloyal to you, but you cannot give voice to your anger because you feel emotionally vulnerable and lack confidence in a succesful outcome.

To answer this dream message, you need to speak your truth to whoever you feel has been disloyal to you and to stand strong and true when you say it. Although it can be difficult to say what needs to be said, there are times when we must do it, or else we are not being loyal to ourselves or those who truly love us. Other people respect us when we tell the truth, even though it may be painful for a short while.