Dear Ian
Have been desperate to find out what my recurring dream means.  I dream I am out and about and desperate for the toilet but when I finally find public toilets to use they are always flooded, disgustingly dirty and not private, everyone can see what I’m up to.   I’m so desperate for the loo, I use them anyway and it’s the whole thing of not having the privacy and trying not to get my feet wet.
What can this mean?

When you dream about a toilet you are dreaming about your own needs in waking life and how you can fulfil them. The flooded toilets in your dream indicate that you have emotional needs in your waking life that you often try to ignore. When you make an effort to tell others about your needs, it often turns into a messy situation and you end up feeling disappointed with yourself. However, you are desperate to have your needs met so you keep drawing attention to them.

The need for privacy shows that you don’t want to appear needy and would much prefer it if other people could understand what your needs are without you actually having to tell them. Trying not to get your feet wet indicates that you are over cautious about stepping into emotional situations because you are unsure what the outcome might be.

In waking life, we often hope that our own needs will be met if we look after the needs of others but usually we just end up being taken for granted. The best to resolve these dreams is to put your own needs before the needs of others by using the word ‘No’ now and again. This is not being selfish; you can only really look after others when you look after yourself by clearly stating your own needs.