Hi Ian
My dream is that I’m living in an ancient old castle but I seem to be trapped inside it. The castle is really big and impressive but it seems to be falling apart. The stones are crumbling and I keep hearing bits falling off. I also hear people shouting to me from the other side of the moat but they can’t get across because the drawbridge is stuck and I can’t seem to engage the cogs and levers. Sometimes I dream in the dream that I can climb up on to the battlements and fly away like Superwoman.

Dream Meaning
Dreaming of living in an old castle suggests that you are trying to defend yourself against something that seems to be attacking you. Being trapped inside the castle indicates that this attack originates from inside you and that you have probably been suffering from some type of debilitating illness for a while now. This chronic condition means that you might find it difficult to move around freely in waking life.

Although you have been used to living a busy and independent life, you are now being really challenged by losing some of your independence. The crumbling stones reflect that you feel your physical condition has deteriorated and you are worried that it will deteriorate further. The moat is an emotional barrier that you have created to stop other people worrying and feeling sorry for you.

However, you are now trying to reconnect with your families and friends as they try to help you but you are finding it difficult to open up to them. You are not sure how to engage with them because you don’t like to show your vulnerability. Your dream of being Superwoman shows that you want to rise above it all and leave your frustrations behind.