I wonder if you can tell me what my recurring dream means please? These dreams have occured over the past 20 years or so though they are not constant and i am not able to pin them down to how i feel at the time.  For example being stressed, too busy or overly tired.  I dream i’m trying to get somewhere.  The scenario will be different each time but i’m always doing some form of travelling.  Train, bus, walking round the office building or in the last one i was on a quad bike.  I don’t exactly go round in circles but i never actually get to where i’m meant to go.  Something always diverts me.  In recent dreams it also includes a man i’m close to but due to circumstances cannot be with.

When we dream of trying to get somewhere, we are reflecting on where we are trying to get to in waking life. The dream suggests you find it challenging to get to where you really want to be in your waking life. This lack of progress is not because you lack the ability to reach your goal, but because you often put the needs of others before your own needs and this diverts you from your chosen path.

To start reaching some of the goals that will make you feel truly fulfilled, you will have to start using the word ‘No’ a bit more often. Although this may seem a bit selfish at first, it soon creates the awareness that the more you look after yourself, the more you can look after others. This doesn’t mean you have to say ‘No’ to everything, just the things that you feel are compromising your own happiness and fulfilment, both in the workplace and in your romantic life.